Engagement Shoots are a great way for a couple to bond, have fun, get to know their photographer, dress up and enjoy a romantic time etc. Engagement photos can be used to build a wedding website, slideshow for your wedding, wedding invitation, customized guest book or canvas, photos for social media engagement posts and the list goes on. This week we focus on what guys should wear.

Most say dress comfortably and I agree, but I also say, take it up a notch. You dress to go out don't you, then why not dress for your engagement? Don't get me wrong, you can easily dress up casual wear, so these tips are just according to Cheers, but hey...I am always open to new, fun, creative, themed and expressive shoots. So bearing that in mind, let's go!

“Tip: A great way to dress up your casual, is to use a sweater or to layer, like a leather jacket or a contrasting open jacket. Long sleeve jerseys also adds some formality to a casual look.”

Tip: If you want to take it up a notch to semi formal a great way to do so is to add in one or two formal elements, like a tie or a vest or switch your jersey for a shirt.

“If you guys want to do formal, be encouraged, bring on that bling. Its trending on social media and here's why, formal wear rocks.

Below: Some more sample looks from the internet where guys complimented ladies really well in formal wear.”

“More Tips:
- Accessorize any look with hats, shades, suspenders, bow tie and so much more...
- Ensure your hair and beard is well groomed, face clean and clothes well ironed.
- Coordinate together with your fiancé what you guys are gonna wear, engagement shoots are a team thing!”

Below images from a few of our engagement sessions!