Engagement Video

Dear God,

In 2016 Rissah wrote a letter to the Lord about a mate. In that letter, she told the Lord, all the qualities she wanted in a husband. A God fearing man, someone who would truly love her, someone filled with the holy ghost and a true gentleman, just to name a few. She wrote this letter in sincerity and with a prayerful heart. Trusting and believing that God would answer her prayer. But little did she know God was already answering her prayers. That same God was working on Josiah’s heart, in the same year and month which Rissah wrote that letter, bringing Josiah into a place of knowing the true and living God. 

Fast forward to 2020, when Josiah noticed that Rissah was absent from a few church services. He inquired about her and initiated a friendship that would blossom into a God given love. Josiah would be the answer to every request stated in that letter to God, time will fail to tell the rest of their story. Have you written letter to God yet?