We met at a college where I was pursuing sciences and he was employed by the school. My first thought of him was he was extremely handsome, though I never believed in love at first sight. It was a feeling that was unexplainable. We interacted a couple times and we both could tell that there was something there but our journey in life at the time did not permit us to purse anything further. Fast forward to 5 years later he reached out and asked,” can I make a reservation?” The rest was history.


It all started nine years ago when the most beautiful girl I had ever seen crossed my path. At the time all I could do is watch as the time and place just didn't align, it took life 4 years for our paths to cross and this time I knew I couldn't let life just pass before me so I messaged her to tell her it's not safe to take videos while driving and she should be more careful. Since then things spiraled and now we're married.

The Decor