Tips & Suggestions

- Stay Relaxed and have FUN : )

 - Ensure that your back is never facing the camera

-  Walk with Clean and Clear Grease Proof Strips to stop your face from shinning

-  Think Of yourself as a MODEL

-  At least one person in the bridal party should have a tiny mirror

-  I’ll send you poses so you can practice before, but we like it as candid as possible,

I’ll find the lighting and the perfect backgrounds, you pose and be free..Be Yourself!

-  If possible the Bridal Party should practice some poses at your rehearsal

-  Don’t slouch, posture is important

-  Not too much make up! 

-  Even though the groups will be posed, I will be capturing candids the entire time. 

-  Let me know if you are having separate videographers 

-  Be sure to inform enthusiastic guests and family photographers that the Cheers Photographers requires clear 

and obstructed view and access at all times. (Standing behind the photographer)