Hi All,

So first to begin, I am not gonna dictate to anyone what to wear to your engagement, but you dress up to go a party, or an event right?... YES!!! WELL, THIS IS YOUR ENGAGEMENT! The following tips are simply my recommendations on what will make your memories, stand out and become timeless. Some say, stick to you, or your norm. I say go all the way out!


Walk with Grease Proof Strips, Water & Food, A Good Attitude!

- Walk with a change of clothing: I recommend Semi Formal/Casual and Formal

- Bear in mind your location: Grass, Water/Beach, Indoors, Architecture?

- Try a theme! It's not mandatory, but it may help to create some fun. e.g. Vintage, Picnic, Peacock, Ethnic Wear, Movie Characters (like Mr. & Mrs Smith, Black Panther), the list is unlimited..what can you think of?

- Have a Color Palette & Color Coordinate

Color Coordination doesn't mean wearing the same colors, Highlight with one color from him\her

and balance off with colors that compliment as seen in the examples below.

Its helps! If you have a pattern, stick to one pattern only.

- Ladies its all about the waist line

Depending ou your wardrobe, use sculpting underwear

- Put EMPHASIS on what He wears too!

Too often the ladies look amazing and guys don't get that haircut or groomed beard. 

Guys you matter, ALOT...go to that barber, iron those suits and yes, spend some on your accessories also!

- Come well rested

People grumpy, hungry, angry just dont snap nicely...get some sleep..please...Of course we are gonna make you smile, but let's work together nah!​