Once dressing is a part of your contract, I try to get the preparation of the bride, make-up, dressing, helpers around and the little details such as the bouquet and the rings, hair pieces, brides shoe, dress and so forth. Some of the most beautiful bridal portraits are taken here. 


- Maintain a clean space/ dressing room

- A clean long mirror is always an asset

- Try to be ready 30 mins before your ride arrives, this allows us to take as many portraits that reduces photo shoot time




At this point I usually meet up with the groom and grooms men, to get the little last minute preparations that may be taking place and candid moments. Around the ceremony site (30 mins before ceremony). The brides arrival in the vehicle will also be a major point here. Another option if you would like is to have a “first look” which is when the bride and groom see each other prior to the ceremony in a private moment to share this time and expressions are captured. 




During the ceremony I’ll cover different angles, and capture the bride walking down the aisle as well as possibly an emotional moment right before she walks down the aisle. There are always many things going on during an average wedding ceremony, exchanging of the rings, the first kiss, all things that we will be on the lookout for. I will capture different perspectives, and try to get as many different reactions as possible. 


-If you email me a copy of your programme that would be great!

- Don’t kiss to0 quickly

- I want to see your rings also, so turn a little if the angles are difficult.


Portraits/ Photo Shoot


After the ceremony it’s time for the group and family portraits. The entire family is taken outside of the church. The immedeate family and bridal party follow to the reception location.  The balance of family portraits are done after the reception in a studio set-up, unless otherwise requested.

We capture the bridal party after the immedeate family. Then finally it’s time for some portraits with the happy couple.These are the fun shots. We’ll usually try to capture a good mix of fun, candid, and romantic pictures during this session, and of course the more time the better. We always tell our couples that they will wear out before we do. I’ll be happy to talk to you about the timing of your wedding day and help you try to maximize your time for photography on the big day. 




Reception time usually gets more relaxed & free, speeches, dancing, toasts and family portraits, the decor and I’ll capture it. 

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